Hatshepsut Mummy Gallery

Below are some photos of the mummy identified by Dr. Zahi Hawass as that of Hatshepsut.

Zahi Hawass inspects the mummy in KV 20 where it had been rediscovered
in 1989 by Donald P. Ryan. (Photo credit: AFP)

Photo credit: Egyptology Online

Photo credit: Nasser Nuri Reuters

Photo credit: Discovery News

This recent, undated photo released Wednesday June 27, 2007 by Discovery Channel shows  Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass checking the mummy of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut, second right, at the Egyptian museum in Cairo, Egypt.  Egyptian authorities using DNA from a tooth identified Wednesday a mummy found a century ago as the remains of pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut. The mummy was discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings burial ground in 1903, but had not been identified as that of the queen and was left on site until two months ago when it was brought to the Cairo Museum for testing, said Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass. From AP Photo by Brando Quilici.
Dr. Zahi Hawass examines KV20 mummy (2'nd from right) which he identifies as that of Hatshepsut.
(AP Photo by Brando Quilici.)

Media frenzy surrounding the mummy. (AP Photo by AMR NABIL.)



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